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Six Senses Residences Grand Bahama is an unrivaled invitation to enjoy year-round, refined living in one of 28 branded residences on the northernmost island of The Bahamas archipelago. Only 60 miles from Palm Beach, it’s one of the closest points to the US mainland, yet a world apart in terms of its incredible beauty and easy-going vibe. Lunches tumble into dinners, and the tang of summer catches like salt on the breeze, painting a vivid portrait of the Bahamian rhythm of life.

beachfront and canalside

the residences

Immerse yourself in our 28 branded residences, featuring four to six bedrooms and unobstructed views. Working with the pioneering and award-winning architectural firm Olson Kundig, we’ve meticulously crafted each residence to perfection. Choose from canalside and beachfront residences, offering exceptional design and comfort. Beachfront homes face the majestic Atlantic Ocean, inspiring with stunning sunsets and the soothing symphony of waves. Canalside residences capture the tranquil allure of the island’s waterways. Both options include an optional private boat slip for seamless ocean access. Indulge in a coastal lifestyle in Grand Bahama, where stunning views and exclusive amenities converge.

Year-round sunshine, unrivaled views

tropical haven

The Resort

Six Senses Grand Bahama will have a lush, jungle feel consisting of 64 guest villas in a range of different sizes, oriented in unique locations for rustic, toes-in-the-sand stays. The resort will foster a sense of community among its residents and hotel guests, creating a blend of a resort village that serves as both an epicenter and a tranquil escape. Layered onto this are lifestyle opportunities, experiences, and a distinctive level of hospitality and service.

Innovation & Community

Designed, Sustainably

Adding meaning, driving innovation, enhancing local socio-economic development, and creating a hospitality offering that residents trust and love.


The development is a strong collaboration between a team of experts in coastal resilience, marine ecology, and sustainable design as well as Bahamian consultants to ensure their wealth of knowledge is fully incorporated and applied to all aspects of the development.

coral vita

Weller Development Partners and Pegasus Capital Advisors, known for their environmental sustainability track record, are partnering with Coral Vita—an Earthshot Prize-winning coral farm on Grand Bahama, who specialize in growing resilient coral species for ocean regeneration.

dive into the adventure

island experiences

Explore vibrant waters, discover ancient caves, and partake in boating, fishing, and more. Uncover the allure of diverse islands, from vibrant nightlife to hidden beaches and breath-taking national parks and caves.

bahamian culture & eats

local experiences

It’s all about tasting and experiencing local: the island’s best dive spots, hikes, cuisine, and markets that immerse you into the destination and people – however active or gloriously inactive you wish to be. 

discover, restore, & protect

Bahamian Nature & Wildlife

Embrace a stunning natural haven of protected national parks, mangrove creeks, cave systems, and coral reefs. Engage in impactful environmental initiatives like coral reef restoration and mangrove reforestation. Join us in making a difference and becoming part of this inspiring conservation effort.

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