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The Residences

Olson Kundig, the pioneering and award-winning architectural firm has designed the 18 canalside residences and 10 beachfront residences ranging from three to six bedrooms. Beachfront residences face the Atlantic Ocean to the south and canalside residences face the waterway to the east and north, with both offering private boat slips for residents. As owners, you’ll enjoy an island retreat offering modern comforts and a ‘lock up and go’ lifestyle, complemented by a world-class service team. You’ll have access to an array of amenities and the indulgences of a resort lifestyle, including a beach club, crafted experiences, and a rejuvenating spa. 

beachfront or canalside


beachfront residences


canalside residences

endless sunset views

beachfront residences

Beachfront residences need no introduction. With their endless sunset views, they provide an inspiring home-from-home accompanied by the calming lap of a wave or rustle of a palm tree. Make the most of the powder-white sands, take a direct amble down to the turquoise ocean on a path less traveled and shared only with a passing crab.

Direct beachfront access

Interconnected indoor and outdoor dining areas

Lushly planted private courtyards

Uninterrupted ocean views

Access to a private boat slip

Dedicated residential concierge services

Flex room option: gym, office, bedroom

Private bathroom gardens with soaking tubs

take in the best views

Canalside residences

Canalside residences offer unrivaled panoramic views stretching along the entirety of the canal. Just beyond the edge of your private garden, a 80’ marina slip is available for purchase with each residence. Immediate access to the island’s intricate network of waterways and ocean beyond offers a paradise for fishing enthusiasts, water sports aficionados, and those seeking playful water activities.

Direct canal waterway access

Interconnected indoor and outdoor dining areas

Lushly planted private courtyards

Uninterrupted water views

Private bathroom gardens with soaking tubs

Access to a private boat slip

Dedicated residential concierge services

Flex room option: gym, office, bedroom

excellence in every detail

Full-Service Hospitality

With extensive experience in the branded residential sector and a passion for wellness, sustainability, and out-of-the-ordinary experiences, Six Senses provides the safest hands to operate and manage your future home. Everything you would expect from a branded residence is available; all the unique privileges of a Six Senses resort and dedicated team to help you.

luxury furnishing packages

interior design

There are two interior material palettes: lighter “windswept whimsy” and darker “soulful sunset” with fully turnkey interior furnishing packages, curated by Curioso interior design collective.

Windswept Whimsy

interior palette #1

A lighter palette featuring weathered wood, light stone, and shimmering silver metals that mirror the tranquility of the surrounding ocean.

Soulful Sunset

interior palette #2

A darker palette of wooden interior finishes and warm earth tones, weathered wooden siding, dark stone, and dark metal.

building a sustainable haven

innovation in design & development

Thoughtful design measures minimize the energy load for cooling and ventilation, including passive solar design and photovoltaic panels. The main resort is aspiring to achieve LEED BD+C Silver status.

Why is sustainability
the new luxury?

“Six Senses Residences Grand Bahama is all about performance. Living in or visiting a place that feels like it performs at a higher level is luxurious, and I believe that’s the way we should live. Sustainable, performance-driven, and efficient architecture allows us to experience nature at a higher level than we were able to in the past. Rather than being sealed up inside, you get to experience that natural climate and the real environment. It’s a deeply authentic way of living that represents a new standard of luxury.”

— Tom Kundig, FAIA, RIBA, Design Principal

six senses

what sets Six Senses Residences Grand Bahama apart





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