to live is to connect

the resort

Six Senses Grand Bahama will encourage residents and hotel guests to come together and enjoy a resort village that is at the same time an epicenter and an escape. Layered onto this are lifestyle opportunities, experiences, and a distinctive level of hospitality and service.

where vibrancy meets serenity

toes-in-the-sand stays

The Resort Village

The resort village at Six Senses Grand Bahama will have a lush, jungle feel consisting of 64 guest villas ranging in different sizes and scattered in unique locations for rustic, toes-in-the-sand stays. A place to feel happy, well and safe. A place to enjoy complete privacy yet seamless access to a warm-hearted and wide-smiling community. Future development of the 50-acre site will see direct access to a new purpose-built marina.

The Six Senses brand was born from the belief that to live is to connect – detaching from life’s distractions in order to reawaken your senses and reconnect to yourself, others, the world around you, and the power of now.​

your path to wellness

six senses spa

Our unique wellness experience blends ancient health wisdoms with modern science and technology. We don’t follow the fads but do our own research to develop signature standards, wellness programs (sleep, nutrition, longevity, movement, energy medicine and alternative therapies) and longer-stay retreats and immersions. The result is a unique and layered approach to wellness that has the power to enhance everything from your room set-up to your cuisine, and your spa treatments to your spiritual awakenings.

eat, drink, and be healthy

eat with six senses

Nothing brings people together better than exquisite food and nothing creates memories more than a delicious meal. That’s why we mix ancient traditions and new cuisine concepts with our Eat With Six Senses philosophy of incorporating local, seasonal, and sustainable produce, that may be grown fresh in on-site organic gardens.

Plans are afoot for a main specialty restaurant, beach club, and jetty bar. Further venues and pop-ups will be featured including a rum shack and destination dining.

sustainability standards

An Ecological & Sustainable Approach

The development has been founded on the world renowned Six Senses sustainability standards, and the belief that being environmentally friendly and socially responsible can be successfully wedded to uncompromisingly gorgeous hideaways that are empty of waste, toxins and plastic, and full of spirituality, celebration and joy. We’re all part of a global community on a shared Earth, and that’s why Six Senses don’t just observe the local heritage or ecology – they help residents to be part of it, and even help give back to it. In Grand Bahama, Weller Development Partners, Pegasus Capital Advisors, and the Global Fund for Coral Reefs will collaborate with a team of experts in coastal resilience, marine ecology, and sustainable design. You can find out more about the core approach to sustainability here.

Sustainable properties call for extraordinary creativity and design, they need to be good quality and they need to be made from exceptional materials. Far from being a barrier, taking an ecological and sustainable approach to our developments and operations adds meaning, drives innovation, enhances local socio-economic development, and creates a “quiet infrastructure” ethos and hospitality offering that our guests trust and love. 

WDS Discovery LTD., being the current owner and developer of the Six Senses Residences Grand Bahama (the “Residential Project”), is solely responsible for the development, marketing and sale of branded residences located at the Six Senses Grand Bahama (the “Units”). The Units are not owned, developed or sold by InterContinental Hotels Group PLC, Six Senses Americas IP, LLC, or any of their affiliates (collectively “IHG”). There exists no joint venture, partnership, ownership or similar relationship between WDS Discovery LTD. and IHG. 
WDS Discovery LTD., at its sole discretion, may make alterations to the internal design of the residences at the Residential Project that may differ from that shown or described in this presentation and/or represented in any other marketing materials and/or displays including, but without limitation, to any advertising, marketing and/or sales concepts, programs or materials, or any other content to be posted on any website maintained by WDS Discovery LTD.. Unit designs and materials presented herein (if any) are representative of the intended end product. Actual constructed Unit may vary in materials and furnishings. 
The usage of the name “Six Senses” and related marks is strictly governed by certain agreements between WDS Discovery LTD. and IHG. The “Six Senses” name, design, logomarks, trademarks and related marks are the exclusive properties of IHG.  The purchasers or owners of the Units shall acquire no interest of any kind or nature in the “Six Senses” brand, logomarks or related trademarks and may use the “Six Senses” name solely for the limited purpose of identifying the location of the Unit. IHG’s role as licensor of the “Six Senses” brand for the Residential Project is not in perpetuity and may end at any time without notice to or consent of purchasers or owners of the Units, in which event the “Six Senses” brand will be disassociated from the Residential Project and the Units and no reference to the “Six Senses” brand shall be applied to the Residential Project or the Units. 
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